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The '''School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences''' (, '''EHESS''') is a leading France|French institution for research and higher education in the social sciences (understood in a broader sense than in English, including the humanities). Its administrative status allows its selection process to be both highly selective and open-minded. EHESS has educated for decades research and political elites and its professors (known as "directeurs d'études") are famous around the world (from historians such as Fernand Braudel|Braudel or Lucien Febvre|Febvre and anthropologists such as Levi-Strauss to Nobel Prize Jean Tirole through Pierre Bourdieu|Bourdieu or Jacques Derrida|Derrida). EHESS is part of PSL Research University|Paris Sciences et Lettres with elite French institutions like Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm, Collège de France, Ecole des Mines etc. It is a founding member of both Paris School of Economics, Toulouse School of...
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